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How an internship at HubSpot is making my job-search a lot harder

I can probably pin-point at least three times during my freshman year where I was asked the infamous “where do you see yourself in five years? And sure I had just started college, things were slowly taking their place and I was beginning to get the hang of this, but it was honestly hard to envision where exactly I wanted to be in five years. While my typical responses may have involved investment banking, starting my own company, or becoming the President of El Salvador (ok, maybe not in five years, but the plan had always been CV2034), I never thought I’d be in the position that I am in right now:

looking for a team where I can market ideas and build products that enhance the human experience.

See, before moving to San Francisco for my first co-op, I met with my advisor who threw in the expression “Carlos, you are jumping the shark!and while I never understood what he meant by that, until it was time to look for my second co-op, it always stuck with me that perhaps it was true and I was starting my career with something so big that everything thereafter would feel like a decline. Looking for full-time opportunities, I can’t help but think that for the past five co-ops, and especially during my current one at HubSpot, I have been doing exactly that — jumping the shark.

My personal journey to finding a team to work with after graduation is not going to LinkedIn, Indeed or Northeastern’s Careers Site. It is simply looking at my phone. It basically involves me swiping through the home screen of my iPhone and determining which companies are at the forefront of figuring out

how big of a human problem can we solve.

It’s about how I can Uber to a Spanish restaurant in the South End, or find an Airbnb in Yosemite for Spring Break. It’s about my SnapChat story from last night, my incomplete playlist on Spotify, my four unread Messages onFacebook. It is about teams concerned with building connections with people and their emotional state and ideas and quirks. It’s about Instagram,Slack and Square Cash.

I experience this first-hand every day at HubSpot: working at a place that makes our users both the ends and the means. Where we solve for the customer. Where we work for thousands of people who believe in an idea, a movement, a way of thinking. And for teams — and mentors — like these I am eternally grateful. I know that a career that is not concerned with touching people’s lives is fortunately not for me. And while investment banking and asset management in London seemed like a lucrative future during my time there, I am deciding to go after the path less travelled — the world of payments and experiences, marketing automation and human interaction.

As I embark in the journey of finding my next big adventure, I’d like to put a thought in your head that has been bugging me since I came across it. It was printed on a sticker meant for the back of my computer but has not made it past the back of my head, remaining motionless ever since. It read: “I won’t be around forever, so my plan is to build things that are.” This is precisely how I am going about life post-May 6th, 2016.

For now, I turn on the light on my desk lamp which gives life to the resumes, cover letters and submit buttons that going after teams that instead of asking themselves “can we build it?,” understand that more and more the answer is yes, we can build anything,
the question for us is what is the future that we want to build together.
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