• Hi, I'm Carlos! This is my story.

    I was born and raised in El Salvador,

    where I attended a British international school. I moved to Boston for college at Northeastern University.

    At Northeastern,

    I pursued a degreed in business administration degree, orignally as a Marketing major. Turns out I really enjoyed it, and I was kinda good at it too, maybe marketing is just my thing.

    So, I decided to get my hands a little dirty

    and go try it out right after my second year in college. I joined Adobe as a Performance Marketing Specialist in San Francisco, CA. Pretty cool stuff! I worked with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Nike and WellsFargo managing their online campaigns and learning everything about budgeting, CPMs, CPCs & CPAs.

    Funny side story,

    I was also working with clients like Hanes and Claire's so there you had me researching keywords on men's underwear, women's lingerie & being up to date with trends One Direction, Twerking and following Justin Bieber's BELIEVE tour

    I realized that marketing came naturally

    and if I was going to go through the next three years of school, I'd rather invest them in something I am really bad at, like numbers. And so I looked at my grades and Finance surely stood out.


    A trip to Northeastern's registrars office later, I was then a Finance Major. 


    And ready to take on my next challenge.

    Then school started to get old again

    and I wanted to go back to work. Hungry to learn and without any experience in finance, I joined the second largest private asset management firm in the world, Wellington Management doing Investment Administration in London, UK. Here I met some of the most important people in my life; from friends and colleagues, to mentors and love. Life in banking was challenging and extremely lucrative but I never felt like I was having a direct impact on the bottom line, at least not in an organization as big as Wellington. So a few months later, I came back to Boston and resumed school

    Fast forward through the best semester ever

    of being an RA, joining a management consulting team and spending a full summer bag-packing through Southeast Asia, I found myself at HubSpot — a tech company in Boston that does inbound marketing and sales software

    I fell in love again. And here I am.

    This is my third role at HubSpot and I am now managing the HubSpot Partner Program in Latin America.

  • While it may seem as if I constantly bouncing from place to place,

    I must say that finding what it is that I love to do has been quite a fascinating journey.


    I love everything inbound marketing,

    customer advocacy, commerce, payments, social media

    product marketing, tech,


    & Latin America

    of course.


    It's what wakes me up every morning.

    It's what makes me who I am.

    It's in my DNA.


    get in touch | vi.carloseduardo | ig:carloseduardov

  • Perks of an unsatisfied curiosity

    One of my favourite questions to be asked is 'what is my super power?' In fact, Bill Gates just wrote his 2016 annual letter talking about how we should discover and embrace our very own super hero power. This is also a common sentiment amongst HubSpotters, my current workplace!


    Mine is having is the ability to tackle challenges with an unsatisfied curiosity. I am able to think in very complex, almost undefined, ways. I can blend in a hint of emotional intelligence, logic and pragmatism, and business acumen. That is why I was able to thrive in my role as a management consultant.


    I will impulsively spend my nights learning about the fall of the Roman Empire, or the history of the US Supreme Court, or what goes on inside our bodies when we have a cold. Anything or everything — I'd love to learn it!

    A little bit about hobbies

    On a daily basis, I am easily amused by small details and will constantly go out of my way to make someone's day. Being an on-campus RA is a perfect example of my involvement with the community around me. Likewise, I have a strong affinity for the world of payments, traveling and shaping what I like to call 'the human experience.'


    I am big into Taylor Swift, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Suits and always down for a game of Tennis, Volleyball or Chess.


    Writers like Khaled Hosseini, Garcia Marquez, Nick Bolton, Isabel Allende, Peter Thiel and JD Salinger have a designated sense of belonging at the top shelf of my bookcase.

    Collecting stamps as a go

    I was born and raised in El Salvador, a beautiful country in Central America bordering the coast of The Pacific. In 2011, after finishing high school at an International British School, I ventured off to Boston to start my career at Northeastern University. From there I've moved to a few different cities including San Francisco and London. I have also had the chance to explore the world, learn about different cultures and meet fantastic people!!


    Out of the things I enjoy the most is finding myself in a new city. I love discovering a new coffee shop, a lounge, a bar, bakery, restaurant or a hidden cobble street. From an amorphous San Francisco to a London that was both alluring and photogenic to an exotic Southeast Asia and the endearing Cartagena.


    A love for tech, tacos & public speaking

    Rumor has it I wear the biggest smile when I catch the glimpse of a red velvet cupcake or when I'm indulged by the scent from a creamy latte or even watching the escalating likes when I upload to Instagram. Huge fan of Spotify's social experiment and a recent premium user of the app Elevate.


    I bring to the table a unique blend of international perspectives and insights to different industries including management consulting, asset management, sales enablement and paid search and social.


    My latest blog post touched upon how ago about my current job search where instead of looking at LinkedIn, Indeed or Northeastern's Careers Site, I look at my phone. I want to be on a team who is at the forefront of figuring out how big of a human problem can we solve.

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